What to wear on New Year's Eve?
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What to wear on New Year's Eve? That's what we are asking for weeks before the end of the year, but there are few days left, and hesitation is still prevailing over the decision. Whether it's a short dress that will greatly emphasize our long legs, or combine trousers with an exquisite tunic that will focus on our beautiful shoulders and why not jeans with a shirt, a sweater or a blouse with a deep neckline? Whatever we choose, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in our clothes to celebrate without thinking whether a shoulder strap will fall during dancing, or the trousers will tighten us after a deep bite.

Fashion trends are also important when we want to stand out with grace and beauty. If we decide to wear an evening dress, it must be elegant, not too extravagant, emphasize the beauty of our body and conceal shortcomings. At a party in a family setting we can have a sporty-elegant look, for example, to combine a blouse with a skirt or jeans, and why not a jumpsuit.

For a proper dispatch of 2018, a suitable ultraviolet dress is a color that accompanied us throughout the year and symbolizes progress, inventiveness, imagination. If we want to get into full force and style in 2019, we can choose a garment in the cheerful color "coral" - the color that will dominate over the next 12 months. As for the successful end of the year, the red color is the perfect solution. Any other bright yellow, orange, gold, turquoise, green or pink toilet is suitable for meeting the New Year as it creates a mood. If we do not want to be so bold, we will not go wrong with the classic black and we will still be so elegant. Colors like peach and beige will give our vision a tenderness.

As for the brilliance - it is never unnecessary during the holidays. That's why we can safely put on clothes with sequins, brocade, shining beads, precious stones - much more. Then with sure?

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